Louisa Brodie

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Daughter and co-heiress with her sister Elizabeth Turner of Oswald Brodie (who died c. 1818), received compensation for 24 enslaved people on Lawrence Park estate in St Ann. The Turners and Louisa Brodie signed for their own compensation in London.


T71/959 sworn affidavit of Elizabeth Brodie of York Street Portman Square formerly of St Anns: her brother Oswald Brodie of St Anns had died c.1818, his daughters Elizabeth Brodie (now Elizabeth Turner) and Louisa Brodie were now of age; NDO4 series.

There are likely connections with Eliza Brodie of Trelawny claim no. 186, who claimed for two enslaved on the Spring Estate: Oswald Brodie and his wife Mary Ann née Knowles buried an infant at Spring in Trelawny in 1812 [Extracts from Parish Registers - Anglican Church www.jamaicanfamilysearch.com]. Lawrence Park belonged to William Whitehorne Lawrence whose third daughter Mary Brodie married James Smith at Marylebone in 1839 (and remarried J.A.D. Cox at Hammersmith in 1850) [Lawrence Family Pedigree, www.jamaicanfamilysearch.com accessed 09/06/2011].

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£560 9s 6d

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1834 [EA] - → Joint owner
09/08/1818 [SD] - 16/12/1836 [ED] → Trust beneficiary

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