J. W. Warren

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Husband of an unidentified sister of Henry Hugh Brennan, and a co-awardee among a larger group of the compensation for 10 enslaved people in Westmoreland Jamaica.


T71/871 Westmoreland No. 755 A-G; J.W. Warren of 51 Windmill Street, Manchester identified himself as the husband of the only sister of Henry Hugh Brennan ('[I] consider my wife his heir at law') in a letter to the Commissioners of 20/01/1844 (T7/1608). H.H. Brennan appears as one of the co-awardees under this claim; Warren said he had been informed that H. H. Brennan's share had been received by some person with a power of attorney signed by HHB, but 'in reality was not the case, as he died before that period at Honduras and left no power of attorney or will of any kind.'

This J.W. Warren appears unconnected with John Willing Warren (q.v.), the London barrister (whose wife's maiden name was Steers.)

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Miss Brennan

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£170 3s 2d

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51 Windmill Street, Manchester, Lancashire, North-west England, England