George Brown senior

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Awarded a share in the compensation for Hermitage estate in St Elizabeth Jamaica as one of a group of Scottish heirs of James Moyes, the deceased owner of the estate. No definitive trace of George Brown senior has yet been found.

  1. Hermitage estate is shown against estate of or late James Moyes from 1811 onwards.

  2. James Moyes, the absentee owner of Hermitage (a coffee estate) died in 1802. The estate appears in Higman's Jamaica Surveyed with details of correspondence to John Wemyss, the agent of the co-heirs.


T71/870 St Elizabeth No. 175-A-G

  1. Jamaica Almanacs 1811-1838.

  2. B. W. Higman, Jamaica Surveyed: Plantation Maps and Plans of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (Kingston (Jamaica), University of the West Indies Press, 2001) pp. 183-5.

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£1,558 17s 6d