David John Edwardes

???? - 1866

Claimant or beneficiary


Awarded with others, including the widow Charlotte Maria Picton (q.v.) (his aunt), the compensation for 98 enslaved people on Aranjuez in Trinidad as executors of the Rev Edward Picton, younger brother and heir of Sir Thomas Picton (both of whom q.v.).

  1. David John Edwardes formerly of Rhydygors in the County of the Borough of Carmathen afterwards of Pilroath in the parish of Llangain but late of Llanstephan Carmathenshire died 14/04/1866, administration of the estate granted 01/05/1866, effects under £50.

  2. David John William Edwardes of Rhyd-y-gors Carmathenshire (b. 1864), eldest son of David John Browne Edwardes (d. 1876) of Rhyd-y-gors and Elizabeth Caroline Warlow, was described as the great-great-nephew of Sir Thomas Picton. The maiden name of Charlotte Maria Picton (prior to her first marriage to Cadwalader Browne) was Edwardes: she was presumably the aunt of David John Edwardes, and he in turn the father of David John William Edwardes.


T71/893 Trinidad No. 1234A.

  1. National Probate Calendar 1866.

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£4,268 3s 5d
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Rhyd-Y-Gors, Carmarthenshire , South Wales, Wales