Trinidad 1234A, B & C (Aranjuez)

10th Apr 1837 | 98 Enslaved | £4268 3s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 323.


T71/893: Claim by De la Forest family, owners-in-fee.


Counterclaim from Charlotte Maria Picton etc. as executors of Rev. Edward Picton of Iscoed Carmarthen [South Wales], devisee and universal legatee of the will of Sir T. Picton, as privileged creditor with tacit lien prebation and preference and with dominion received under a conveyance dated 02/01/1802 and a deed dated 01/10/1810, for £4224 11s 6d.


1234B: award made on 11/12/1837 to Rose Jane Onn as first mortgagee for £171 10s 4d (award was for £188 13s 4d)


1234C: £404 6s 10d to Wm Hardin Burnley as mortgagee.


T71/519 p. 2240: enslaved persons registered in 1834 by J.L. de la Forest.


T71/1305: counterclaim also from the Marryatts, for a mortgage.

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1234A, B & C

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