James Hunter of Hafton

1814 - 1854

Claimant or beneficiary


  1. Identified as one of the trustees (with Alexr. M'Grigor and William F. Burnley) of the late Robert Eccles, in an announcement that the trustees and executors of the late Robert Eccles, sometime merchant in Glasgow, had ceased to be partners, or have any interest, in The Western Bank of Scotland, having sold and transferred their shares therein.

  2. Given as James Hunter of Hafton in the will of Robert Eccles (proved 1848), married Eliza Eccles (niece of Robert Eccles) in 1834. Eliza and her children were bequeathed £20,000 sterling in the will of Robert Eccles. Living at Hafton in 1841, age 25, of independent means, with his wife and children Eliza age 4, James age 3 and William age 4 months, as well as other Hunter relatives and 7 female servants. At Hafton House in 1851, age 37, "Landed Proprietor Justice Of The Pease".


  1. London Gazette, Issue 21123, 02/08/1850, p. 2149.

  2. PROB 11/2080/315; 1841 census for Eliza Hunter at Hafton Castle.

Further Information

Eliza Eccles
Eliza (1837-), James (1838-), William (1841-), Susan (1843-), George W. E. (1845-)

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£2,858 13s 7d

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Addresses (1)

Hafton House, Shore Road, Hunter's Quay, Argyll, Argyll and Bute, Scotland