Robert Buchanan

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Claimant or beneficiary


Of Glasgow, trustee for John McCaul and John Gordon McCaul merchants late of Glasgow.

  1. John Gordon McCaul is shown as a resident of St Croix, departed Christiansted 21/06/1810 destined for England; John Gordon McCaul owned 39 Strand Street Frederiksted in October 1846.

  2. Probate for John Gordon McCaul 1864 'Sheriff in Christiansted 1734-1801'.

  3. John McCaul merchant in Kingston co-owner of the Mercury of Glasgow 1795; John McCaul second son of Gilbert McCaul in Glasgow, a merchant who died in Antigua 17/04/1830 (possibly the same man as the previous); and John Gordon McCaul, son of John McCaul a merchant in Glasgow, a merchant in St Croix 1821.

  4. John McCaul & Sons, merchants in Glasgow and Copenhagen, already sequestrated and in the hands of a trustee (Francis Gordon) in 1822.


T71/893 Trinidad claim no. 1061A & B (Westmorland); T71/894 Trinidad claim no. 1635A-D (Mount Annan).

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Rob. Buchanan

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£4,151 6s 9d
Awardee (Trustee)
£2,009 2s 6d
Awardee (Trustee)

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Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Central Scotland, Scotland