John McGarel

???? - 16th Oct 1852

Claimant or beneficiary


Brother of Charles McGarel (q.v.) and Peter McGarel (q.v.), and co-owner with them of the Bank Hall and Uniform plantations in Demerara.

  1. Born in Ireland c. 1780, the eldest brother of Charles and Peter McGarel.

  2. In April 1817 John Bryon was convicted of extortion against John McGarel, "of 20l in bank notes, under a threat of charging him with unnatural propensities." In March, following dinner at Slaughter's coffee house, a trip to the Covent Garden theatre, and enough wine and beer to produce "considerable effects", McGarel allowed John Bryon, a young man aged 18 years, to share his cab. Bryon apparently stole money and a card from McGarel's pocket. Three days later Bryan approached McGarel in the street, followed him home to Hanover Street and secured 20l from him under threat of ruining his character. Four days after this McGarel received a letter from Bryon which he handed over to the police. Bryon was arrested at an arranged meeting the following day. Bryon was convicted and sentenced to death.

  3. At the trial, McGarel stated "that he was a native of Ireland, but for the last 17 years had resided in Demerara. He arrived in London early in October last, and from thence went to Cheltenham; he returned again in February." So in 1799 when he first went to Demerara, he would have been 20 or 21 years of age and his brothers would have still been children. It seems he was the first McGarel out there and his brothers must have joined him at a later date.

  4. In 1851, John McGarel was living with his brother Peter and his wife Helena on Main Street, Larne. He is recorded as age 68, but his memorial inscription gives his age at death on 16/10/1852 as 73.

  5. Will of John M'Garel now residing in Larne Antrim proved 19/02/1853. He left: an annuity of £200 p.a. to his sister Mary McGarel, and £50 p.a. to Helena McGarel, the wife of his brother Peter of Larne; £500 to Thomas Naghten merchant of 32 Fenchurch St., the son of his 'late and valued friend' Thomas Naghten of Crofton in Hampshire; £50 to my friend Charles Robertson of Willow Bank Inverness. He left his plantations Bank Hall, Uniform, Glenorvagh [?] or shares in such to his brother Peter McGarel, who together with his brother Charles McGarel of Wimpole Street were the residuary heirs, in the ratio 2:1.


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We are grateful to Ted Robbens for his assistance with compiling this entry.

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John M'Garel

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£13,417 15s 7d
£9,903 16s 11d

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1817 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Joint owner

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Larne, Co. Antrim, Ireland