Thomas Fitzgerald

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Awarded the largest share of the compensation for Pembroke estate in Trelawny with Foster Lechmere Coore as trustees and executors of Frederick Richard Coore.

  1. Thomas Fitzgerald (c. 1778-1860), a barrister at law of Lincolns Inn who had been in Jamaica with his soldier father (who owned property there) and who married in 1832 Sarah Anna Elizabeth Purefoy Jervoise, a correspondent (as 'Mrs Thomas Fitzgerald') of Robert Browning, and died in 1860. The will of Frederick Richard Coore (proved 05/03/1823) refers to 'my friend Thomas Fitzgerald of Lincolns Inn' as one of his executors.

  2. Thomas Fitzgerald, gent., second son of Edmund Fitzgerald, late of Kildare, in St George's, Jamaica, Esquire, deceased, was admitted to Lincoln's Inn 28/06/1797.

  3. Party to the Chancery case Genery v. Fitzgerald where he attempted to gain the rents and profits of Kildare estate during the minorities of his nephews Edward, Thomas and William Fitzgerald, the illegitimate sons of his brother Edward Dalling Fitzgerald.


T71/874 Trelawny No. 422.

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