Documents and Images

From time to time we will add documents to the site, such as images taken from the Slave Registers. For those which have been added so far go to document list of estates with associated images. Among those are a ‘Ledger and Inventory of Slaves 1780’ for the Mesopotamia estate and an ‘Inventory of Slaves 1814’ for the Windsor and Williamsfield estates. A transcript of the Mesopotamia inventory is here; and a transcript of the Windsor inventory is here.

When you click on a selected estate from the document list you will be taken to the estate record. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the associated images. Click on an image and this will open it in a new window. Click again on the image to see a larger version; and then click again to see it enlarged further.

We will also occasionally add documents (usually in pdf format) to supplement the database information, such as this inventory of the enslaved on the Harrow plantation, Barbados in 1811. You can also read the testimony of Forster Clarke to a committee of the Council of Barbados, which produced a report in 1824 defending slavery and the treatment of the enslaved by planters: Clarke's testimony.