Slaveowners in Fitzrovia and on the Portman estate

Under the terms of the Abolition Act of 1833, slave-owners were awarded compensation for each of the enslaved who were deemed to be in their possession and several thousand of these claims were made by people who were resident in London and the surrounding counties in the 1830s. As examples of urban-based slave-owners, we have compiled two maps: one shows the addresses of each recipient of slave-compensation who lived in the Fitzrovia area of London in the 1830s; and a second shows those living on the Portman estate area§. Each marker on the maps represents an individual at the address we have for them in the slave compensation notes; click on each arrow and you will find a short summary of each individual’s connection with the compensation process. There are many individuals living in other districts of London: they haven't been included on these maps.

§ The Portman Estate have been landlords in the area of Marylebone, central London since the C16th. (Click here for the current activities of the Portman Estate)

You can see the Fitzrovia map here

And the Portman estate map is here