Jamaica St Elizabeth 2 (Grosmond Pen)

12th Oct 1835 | 63 Enslaved | £1322 19s 0d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 55.

T71/870: the claimants, all of St Elizabeth, were 'Commissioners of Munro and Dickenson's charity'. A note states: 'recd. 4th August 1838 Order of the court of chancery in Jamaica directing payment of the comp. money to John Edwards, receiver general, "Atty Gen v Salmon & o[the]rs"'.

Jamaica Almanac (1838 & 1840): executors of Caleb Dickenson.

Wright, Philip, Monumental Inscriptions of Jamaica, (London, Society of Genealogists, 1966): shows Caleb Dickenson as a doctor, died 21/01/1821. He was the owner of Knockpatrick in Manchester (see Manchester claim no. 95).

Grosmond estate also appears to have belonged to Caleb Dickenson. See The Laws of Jamaica passed in the ninth year of the reign of Queen Victoria (1845) p. 99: 'XXV...And the receiver general is hereby authorized to pay, or transfer to the credit of, the governors and trustees of Munro and Dickenson's free-school and charity, the sum of four thousand seven hundred and eighty pounds, being the value of the stock and other personal estate connected with the plantation called Knockpatrick, and the pen called Grosmond, paid into the island treasury as part of the escheated personal estate of Caleb Dickenson, deceased, which should have gone with, and been deemed part of, the real estate devised to the charity, subject to a deduction of seven hundred and four pounds twelve shillings and six pence, costs incurred by the crown in the suit of the Attorney-General vs. Salmon'.

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