Jamaica Clarendon 410A B & C (Seven Plantations)

11th Jan 1836 | 322 Enslaved | £5849 6s 10d

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Split: 410A to Cotton & Crafer, £4387 0s 2d: then 401B & C, £731 3s 4d each to Mary Cotton and Augustine Ellis.

T71/859: Claim by William Cotton, Thomas Crafer and Chas and Sarah Lushington, trustees and executors and heiress at law of Mary Chandler, heir (?) and devisee of Revd Dr George Chandler.

Counterclaim by the 4 awardees as (WC and TC) 'trustees under the will of Mary Chandler to 3 equal fourth parts ' and Mary Cotton and William Samuel Augustine Ellis 'maternal heirs of said Mary Chandler each to one equal half part of the remaining one fourth part'.

NDO4/1 No signature: 'Known to me William Paxton [?].

T71/1606: letter dated 06/07/1835 from Lindsay and Loughborough, acting for Wm Cotton, Thos Crafer as trustees under a will and on behalf of Mrs Mary Cotton and Lieut Ellis as coheirs at law for remaining 1/4. Messrs Cotton and Crafer reside in London, Lieut Ellis is now in Cawnpore [Kanpur, India], no power of attorney left. Will you allocate money or award it as a whole for subdivision? 'we find a different view of the subject is entertained at the NDO to that we had anticipated'. Statement of Lindsay and Loughborough June 1835 setting out background: claim made by attorneys; it became clear that Mrs Lushington was not ex parte paterna heiress at law but Mrs Mary Cotton and Ellis ex parte materna; trust of 3/4 estate held for Mr Sabine Gascoyne, Mrs Sarah Burt, Miss Mary Gascoyne and Mrs Sarah Lushington.

T71/1187: Wm Cotton of Bryanstone Square, London, Chas and Sarah Lushington of Hill House, Edgeware, Middlesex.

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410A B & C
Seven Plantations

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