Jamaica St Thomas-in-the-East, Surrey 198 (Friendship)

19th Sep 1836 | 160 Enslaved | £3136 0s 0d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 299. 

Award split: £522 13s 4d to Henderson & Alcock; £522 13s 4d to Henderson; £522 13s 4d to Right Rev. William Skinner, Forbes, John Robert Skinner & Henderson; £1034 6s 11d to E. Bond dated 17/07/1837; £533 13s 1d to Bond & Garrigues dated 06/11/1837. 

T71/867: claim by C. Scott, H.L. Garrigues and P.C. Crighton, the former attorney for heirs of Chas Irving and the two latter guardians of Elizabeth Jane Lambie. Henderson, Alcock, Skinner and  Forbes were shown as 'executors of Lambie' but the executors of William Lambie III's will were Henry Lord Garrigues and Edward Bond: more plausibly the four men were executors or trustees of an earlier William Lambie or of the executors of Charles Irvine, or otherwise representatives of his heirs. None of them appears in Charles Irvine's will, although a John Henderson of Aberdeen does. Edward Bond was trustee on behalf of Elizabeth Anne Lambie. 

T71/1200: counterclaim of E.A. Lambie of the parish of St Ann, widow, for £400 annuity under will of William Lambie, 1826. Patrick Charles Crichton was served notice of counterclaim from Thomas Wilson of Portland in Jamaica 2/6/1835. 

T71/150 p. 282: enslaved persons registered to Wm. Lambie and C. Scott in 1832. 

Jamaica Almanac (1833) shows this estate registered to 'Lambie & Irvine'. 

The papers of Charles Irvine and Friendship Estate 1794-1859 are held at Aberdeen University Library Special Collections [MS 2769/1/72/1-3].


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St Thomas-in-the-East, Surrey
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