Jamaica Port Royal 71

20th Jul 1840 | 24 Enslaved | £571 3s 10d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.

T71/864: claim by Peter Breakenridge, as guardian to the children of Wm. Breakenridge (deceased). Counterclaim from Isabella Breakenridge (of Campbeltown in the County of Argyll, Scotland - see T71/1195), through her attorney Chas. Harvey, of St Catherine, for a legacy of £142 17s given by Wm. Breakenridge; from John Breakenridge (of Killernan near Campbeltown, Scotland - see T71/1195) and Mary (his wife), for a legacy of £142 17s given by Wm. Breakenridge to his sister Mary; and from Gavin Cordner (a distiller, of Campbeltown, Scotland - see T71/1195) and his wife Eliza, for 'one third of the residuary estate devised by her Father's will'. Petition from Charles Harvey, the administrator ('de bonis non?') of Wm. Breakenridge, Isabella Breakenridge, John Breakenridge and Mary (his wife) and Gavin Codner and Eliza (his wife), 'praying that the claim of Peter Breakenridge may be overruled for want of title and that the counterclaims of Isabella Breakenridge, John Breakenridge, and Mary his wife in respect of their legacies may be preferred and awards made to them and subject thereto that the compensation money may be paid to Charles Harvey' .

T71/124 p. 27: Peter Breakenridge registered 23 enslaved persons in 1832, as guardian of the estate of Wm. Breakenridge.

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