Antigua 350 (Gunthorpe's, St Georges)

1st May 1837 | 297 Enslaved | £3922 3s 0d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 309. The award was split: Earle & Turner received £3,000; A. & J. Gunthorpe received £922 3s 0d.

T71/877: claim by Alicia Gunthorpe, of Boulogne sur mer, and James Gunthorpe, of New Bond St., as the executors of Rev. W. Gunthorpe (deceased).

Counterclaims from the legatees of Margaret Gunthorpe, and from Hardman Earle, as mortgagees.

T71/1609: letter from Thomas Smith, 4 Upper Charles St., Westminster, stating: 'I deem it my duty to bring under your notice the very great irregularity and consequently possible injury to the interest of claimants and agents in attendance on Hearing days from the omission on the part of the clerk or Messenger to call the numbers as they come on, IN THE ROOM WHERE PARTIES ARE WAITING.'  Thomas Smith, on behalf of Major Watts, missed his case.

Times 10/08/1865 p. 9: Gunthorpe's estate was sold by the West India Encumbered Estates Court for £2000, to Francis Shand.

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Gunthorpe's, St Georges

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