Jamaica St George 206 (Cedar valley)

30th Nov 1835 | 107 Enslaved | £1809 5s 0d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 54.

T71/869: claim from Robert Dall, of St George, as owner-in-fee.

T71/1607: letter, dated 18/06/1842, from James S. Mitchell, Edinburgh, stating that Robert Dall's wife (who had  a life interest) had died; her relatives want to know how the claim was awarded, when and how much. Robert Dall had gone to London in 1835, 'for the purpose of arranging the settlement of his business'. Letter, dated 16/09/1835, from J. Benny [?], 23 India Street, Edinburgh (Scotland), on behalf of R. Dall and his lady, asking if there is anything we need to do in pursuit of this claim?

T71/1592 p. 248: letter to J. Binny, of Edinburgh, stating: there is no mention of Mrs Dall's interest in the original claim, therefore file a supplemental claim.

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St George
Claim No.
Cedar valley
Collected by
Coulthurst, Wm of Coutts, Marjoribanks etc

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Beneficiary deceased
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)

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