Jamaica Portland 225 (Burlington Estate)

No Date | 172 Enslaved | £3013 1s 6d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 300.

T71/868: claim from James Brydon and Charles Anderson, as executors of James Clayton White.

T71/157 p. 251: James Clayton White registered 177 enslaved persons in 1832. James Brydon and Charles Anderson were both residents. Counterclaims included Thomas Parker, of Camberwell, and his wife Sarah, as cousin and heir at law of James Clayton White, who died intestate. James Clayton White had executed a will on 13/06/1834, but did not have 3 witnesses (pedigree attached). James Brydon and Charles Anderson replicated, challenging Thomas Parker and Sarah Parker to prove their identity and right to compensation. James Clayton White's will provided for the compensation to go to children of colour.

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Burlington Estate

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