St Vincent 642 (Peter's Hope)

31st Jul 1837 | 97 Enslaved | £2727 4s 0d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.

T71/892: claim by Elizabeth Gurley, guardian of William J.S. Gurley. Counterclaims from (1) Baillies legatees under will of Peter Gurley for £1000; (2) Baillies as judgement creditors (3) Colin Campbell and M.N. Campbell, of Glasgow, mortgagees for £10,335 8s 3d (4) Mary Grant of No. 8 Pratt St. Camden Town, London, legatee and assignee of a judgement debt (5) Wm Walker of Bridge St Westminster upholsterer a charge upon the fee simple and a demise for securing an annuity of £110 - £1760 (6) John Fewkell [?] Wylde of Uplands house, Chelmarsh, Gloucestershire, for £1000 (7) Alex Cruikshank of Keithloch in North Britain. Dated 01/12/1839: 'Copy order from Privy Council for Commissioners to transmit the minutes of the Evidence and proceeding before the Commissioners.' 'Transferred by order of Privy Council 12 Jan 1842.' Certificate delivered 18/11/1845.

T71/1610: letter from Freshfields for Campbells dated 14/06/1837 stating delay caused by J.E. Baillie was unacceptable, he depends on legacy in a will 53 years ago, payable 30 years ago, and must have known he needed to produce evidence. Freshfields clients deprived of compensation [which anyway was less than 1/4 debt]; cannot foreclose on equity of redemption; crops are diverted from them. We'll want costs.

Elizabeth Gurley was widow of William Gurley, killed in Scotland's penultimate duel 1824. [See Joan M. Leggett, Scotland's penultimate duel (Kinloch Rannoch, Crossmount House, 1998).]

T71/500 p. 154: enslaved persons registered for William J.S. Gurley by John Barnet in 1834.

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St Vincent
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Peter's Hope

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