Tobago 21 (Greenhill & Friendship)

24th Apr 1837 | 177 Enslaved | £3581 14s 7d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 321. T71/891: claim by Wm Wyllie of Torrington Sq., Middlesex, consignee of the estate of Geo. Morison, and others, trustees and executors of Geo. Morison. Counterclaim from John Morison of St Albans Place, Regent St, for £6000 of purchase money advanced under indres of 14th and 15th Feb 1823. Counterclaim from George Morison of the University of Cambridge, claims £1830 as a cesti que trust under will of Geo. Morison dated 12/12/1814. Counterclaims from Wm Dickinson of the East India house, London (married to Eleanor Morison), Henry Dickinson of East India Company (married to Mary Morison) and WWyllie (married to Martha Morison), each claiming £1830 under will of Geo. Morison as celles que [sic] trusts.

Times 15/11/1847 p. 6: dismissal of Wm Wyllie's appeal with costs: he had challenged a Master's Report of 1844 (bill first filed 1815 and Report in 1826) in dispute over Edward Ellice's accounts as consignee of George Morison's estates. WmWyllie had been excluded at that stage as only having a reversionary interest, wanted to disallow report on grounds he was not represented then.

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Greenhill & Friendship

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