Henry Dickinson

???? - 1859

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Henry Dickinson of the Hon. East India Co., awarded equal shares in the compensation for Les Coteaux in Tobago with his brother-in-laws William Dickinson and William Wyllie (both of whom q.v.) by virtue their marriages to the Morison sisters.

  1. In other awards in Tobago paid into the Chancery suit of Morison v Morison, there were counterclaims from Wm Dickinson of the East India house London (married to Eleanor Morison), Henry Dickinson of East India Company (married to Mary Morison) and W. Wyllie (married to Martha Morison), each claiming £1830 under will of Geo. Morison as celles que (sic) trusts.

  2. Henry Dickinson was descibed as 'Madras Civil Service' and Mary as daughter of late George Morison of Montagu Square on their marriage 24/06/1820.  

  3. Henry Dickinson Esquire late of the Civil Service and Senior Member of Council at Madras died at Lucerne Switzerland 29/11/1859 aged 68. Another Henry Dickinson, possibly the father (his age is apparently illegible) died at Hevers Wood 08/09/1846. Mary, daughter of Henry Dickinson of the Madras Civil Service died 23/12/1847 in her 15th year: she must have been the daughter from a second marriage.


T71/891 Tobago No 336A-C.

  1. T71/891 Tobago Nos. 21, 37 etc. The suit of Morison v Morison arose from a challenge to the conduct of Edward Ellice of the consigneeship of 5 estates in Tobago belonging to George Morison. The report of the case in 1838 states that George Morison at his death left one son and four daughters, of whom three survived, and refers to Henry Dickinson (sometimes Dickenson) as 'the younger.' Henry Dickinson and Mary Morison married June 1820. Martha Wyllie née Morison died March 1822 (having married William Wyllie between 1817 and 1819); Mary Dickinson née Morison died December 1823. Eleanor Morison married William Dickinson March 1826. William and Martha Wyllie had two children, Eleanor Martha and William Morison, named in the suit; Henry and Mary Dickinson had two, Frances and Henry; and William and Eleanor Dickinson had one, Maria. John A Dunlap, Reports of the Cases decided in the High Court of Chancery, Vol. XVIII 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841 - 2 3 & 4 Victoria (New York, 1847) pp. 213-229.

  2. Gentleman's Magazine Vol. 90 Part 1 (1820) p. 636.

  3. Memorials in St Martin's Church Brasted Kent, 'Henry Dickinson', The Weald - People history and genealogy, http://theweald.org/N10.asp?=NId=5981629 [accessed 24/01/2012].

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H. Dickinson
Mary Morison
Frances; Henry

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£3,581 14s 7d
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£7,563 11s 6d
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£777 0s 4d
£2,176 10s 3d
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