Tobago 58 (Merchiston)

5th Dec 1836 | 123 Enslaved | £2576 12s 7d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 321.

Award split: £863 8s 10d to Pearson; £1713 3s 9d to Stirling.

T71/891: Sir Sam. Stirling of Co. Stirling, Scotland, claimed as trustee and executor of Archib. Napier, owner-in-fee. Counterclaim from Alex. Pearson of Edinburgh as assignee of a beneficial interest (of Mrs Ann Napier assigned on 28/09/1832, T71/1304) for £691 9s 4d with interest from 1/12/1831 at 5%. Other family counterclaims including widow of Ann Napier[?] of Tobago; Mary Innes of Guildford St and  John William Innes of Hampstead, as executors of Alex. Innes the cons(ign?)ee (and of John Wm Innes as such consignee), amount due £2653 18s 4d.  Inneses issued Notice of Appeal, but 'certificate that no security had been given dated 28/12/1836'.

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