Barbados 4800 (Bromefield)

19th Jun 1837 | 163 Enslaved | £3833 7s 10d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 327.

T71/899: claim by John Brome, owner-in-fee, by his attorney. Counterclaim from George Carrington the younger, of Middle Temple, as a trustee under a deed of 17/09/1833 of a term for securing an annual rent charge of £500 sterling to Elizabeth Ann Brome (a widow) and for securing the principal sum of £3,500 to Emily Arabella Aldis (late Brome), the wife of Charles James Berridge Aldis. The counterclaim was withdrawn.

See also Barbados claim no. 4801.

T71/1594 p. 73 and pp.80-1: letters, dated 06/06/1837 and 10/06/1837, to John Brome, Hardwicke House, Ham, Surrey, the first stating that the trustees had not yet withdrawn their counterclaim, the second stating that they had, and that the award had been made.

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