Barbados 4488

24th Apr 1837 | 193 Enslaved | £4109 2s 8d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 327.

T71/899: counterclaims from Thomas Dayrell, of England, under various securities, for £800 currency. Counterclaim from RD, as the executor of John Higginson, under various securities, for £3153 12s 33/4d.

Kathleen Mary Butler, The Economics of Emancipation: Jamaica and Barbados 1823-1843 (Chapel Hill and London, University of North Carolina Press, 1995) p. 88: shows that Eyare King received compensation for Edward Lake Hinds' Pool's estate. This is apparently sourced to the Parliamentary Papers p. 197, where it just appears as 'litigated claim'.

T71/562 p. 71: Edward Lake Hinds registered 191 enslaved persons on Lancaster in 1834.

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