Barbados 2773A & B (Golden Grove)

6th May 1836 | 207 Enslaved | £4072 10s 11d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 187.

2773A: £1534 2s 7d for 75 enslaved persons went to William Grassett.

2773B: £2862 8s 4d for 132 enslaved persons went to  John Pollard Mayers and William Grassett junior.

T71/879: claim by William Grassett as owner-in-fee for 75 enslaved persons and as tenant for life for 132 enslaved persons.

T71/556 p.137: enslaved persons were registered by Forster Clarke, as the attorney for William Grassett, in 1834.

Further Information

Claim No.
2773A & B
Golden Grove
Collected by
Grasett, Wm & JPMayers and WG jun.

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