Antigua 269 (Mount Estate)

25th Mar 1839 | 97 Enslaved | £1549 4s 2d

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Not listed in the Parliamentary Papers.


T71/877: claim by Joseph Lavicourt [sic], in right of his wife, guardian to the heirs of Wm. Harman. Counterclaim from John and George Athill, judgement creditors. Counterclaim from Hardman Earle and John Hayward Turner, of Liverpool, as the surviving assignees of mortgagee-in-fee, for £21149 0s 9d. Assignment by Joseph Lavicourt [sic] (also under Antigua claim no. 279) to John Jones. Assignment by Hardman Earle (also under Antigua claim nos. 271 and 279) to John Jones. Assignment by Athill to John Jones (also under Antigua claim no. 279). T71/1221 John Jones of Everton Crescent, Liverpool, merchant.


T71/1294: approximately £250 to John Athill as assignee of judgement creditors.


See also Antigua claim no. 270 for John Jones.

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Mount Estate

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