Antigua 487A [&B] (Sion Hill)

27th Nov 1837 | 176 Enslaved | £2734 7s 3d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 310 [where there is a problem with the number of enslaved people and compensation].  

T71/877: claim by John D. Taylor, as owner-in-fee.


T71/1609: letter from H. L. and Simpson & Co., stating: Messrs. Bradshaw and Richards are owed a trade debt, due to them on account with Mr Taylor. Received £85 11s 6d on 27/11/1837.


T71/1294: John Bradshaw and Samuel Misson Richards received £85 11s 6d on account of judgement for supplies; Elizabeth Looby (of the town of St John, Antigua, a widow) received arrears (of £263 10s as of 30/04/1835) of an annuity of £100 from 1792 on 10/05/1838 (see also Antigua claim no. 706 for Elizabeth Looby's holding of 3 enslaved persons); £2648 15s 9d was put in trust to service Looby's annuity and then the residue went to Henry Yarborough Everitt and Robert Boyes, heir and administrator of Thomas Cooper Everitt, as mortgagees. Crawford Davison and Thomas Ward received an award (as trustees?) on 14/05/1838. The total was £2734 7s 3d. Counterclaims included Andrew Livett, of Bristol, as the legal personal representative of Mary Cooper, late of Bristol, a widow (deceased).


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487A [&B]
Sion Hill

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