Antigua 285 (Sawcott's)

27th Feb 1837 | 71 Enslaved | £943 11s 9d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 309. T71/877: The award was split between: George Horsford (£523 9s 6d); Samuel Nelson (£252 0s 10d); John Athill (£168 1s 5d).


T71/877: Claim by John Horsford, owner-in-fee. Counterclaim by Paul Horsford, Antigua, judgement creditor. Counterclaim by Geo Horsford, of Dover, England, £5000 mortgagee 'with large arrears of interest'. Counterclaim from Samuel Nelson of Belfast, Ireland, by his attorney John Duncan of 10 Liverpool St, London, mortgagee £500 plus interest. Counterclaim from John Athill, as interested in Paul Horsford's claim as assignee of part of a debt for which judgement was obtained in August 1828. T1/1221 counterclaim from Mary Grant Gordon of Brussels.


T71/1609: letter dated 22/09/1836 from George Horsford, Boulogne: asking if 4th October is the day for Antiguan counterclaims. 'I do not wish to go to England until near the time when I may be wanted, as my Sons Regt. is just arrived from Halifax and as soon as he can get leave he will join us at Boulogne. I should therefore be sorry to be out of the way when he visits us.'


T71/1609: unnumbered, second letter, dated 15/11/1836, Boulogne, 'My dear Hill', saying that Mrs Gordon has withdrawn her claim versus my brother, so now it is uncontested.


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