British Guiana 125B (Deutichem)

19th May 1836 | 165 Enslaved | £8699 7s 3d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 319.


Elizh. Winter and others versus Innes and others.


T71/885: claim by Mrs Elizabeth Winter, Alexander Baillie and John Earle Pitcher, as the executors and executrix of Nathaniel Winter. Counterclaim by Alexander Baillie, late of Harley Street, now abroad, 'a suit in Chancery England'. The counterclaim was withdrawn as far as it related to the part claimed by Mr James Evan Baillie.


One-third, or £4349 13s 7d, was awarded to J.E. Baillie.


The claim was for 247 enslaved persons.


T71/445 p. 185: shows registration in 1834 by Thos B. Winter, for 'Winter, Innes and Baillie', of 244 enslaved persons on Deutichem estate and (T71/445 p. 179) for 518 enslaved persons on Plantation Eliza & Mary.


See also accounts of the case in Chancery, including: Times 04/06/1838 p. 6 and 05/06/1838 p. 6; and of Baillie vs Innes in Times 16/07/1842 p. 6.

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