Clare Hall (previously Skerretts and Nugents)

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- 1765 [LA] → Owner
- 1771 [EY] → Owner
1771 [SY] - 1785 [EY] → Owner
1765 [EA] - → Mortgage Holder

Holder of a mortgage for £6000 which he had apparently advanced when the estate was sold to Robert Skerrett by Oliver Nugent c. 1765

1776 [EA] - → Mortgagee-in-Possession
1817 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

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£4,442 2S 0D


Note this estate is not to be confused with Skerrett's in St Philip's parish, owned by Nicholas Nugent.

We are grateful to Arthur Joseph for his assistance with this entry.


Email from Arthur Joseph 22/01/2018; Langford Vere Oliver, History of the Island of Antigua (London, Mitchell and Hughes, 1894) Vol. II pp. 88-89, 'Skerrett of Antigua'.

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[Name] Skerretts  

A later Chancery Suit throws light on the ownership of Skerretts:

"THE PLAINTIFFS' CASE. Antonetta Skerrett, widow of Robert Skerrett, was possessed of a plantation in 1771 subject to the payment of £2000 due to her sister Margaret Skerrett and £6000 mortgage to Sir Peter Parker. On 30 Nov. 1771 Edward Codrington lent her £17,500 at 5 per cent, she agreeing to ship all sugars to him. Later he lent her £10,000 or more for stores, etc. Becoming involved, his brother, the late Sir William Codrington, lent him £17,992 in May 1774. On 18 Dec. 1775 she sold her estate to Oliver Nugent, Esq. (since deceased), and John Allen of Clement's Inn. Oliver Nugent was adjudged a bankrupt Nov. 1777, and his estates assigned to Robert Sorsbie (since deceased) and John Townsom, since deceased, intestate, leaving Defendant John Wilson of Liverpool, Esq., his heir at law, in whom the equity of redemption is now vested. Edward Codrington died 30 Dec. 1774, and his will was proved P.C.C. by Christopher Bethell. Christopher Bethell obtained a verdict in the Court of Common Pleas, Antigua, for £10,983 current, and made a levy on the estate, but before a sale could be held Sir Peter Parker obtained an injunction from the Court of Chancery, Antigua, to prevent such sale, and in Aug. 1776 got possession of the plantation and stock as mortgagee, and is now in possession. Sir William Codrington died March 1792, and appointed the Right Hon. William, Lord Viscount Barrington, Benjamin Lethieullier, Esq., and the Plaintiffs, his Executors. The former two are dead. John Miller died before Christopher Bethell. Christopher Bethell died June 1797, and appointed Arthur, Marquess of Downshire (since dead), and the plaintiffs Christopher Codrington and William John Bethell (then William John Codrington) his Executors. Antonetta Skerret died circa 1782 insolvent, leaving Oliver Nugent, her brother, her heir at law. Margaret, wife of Sir Peter Parker, has lately died, and administration was granted to him of her estate. John Allen died recently, leaving his nephew John Allen his heir at law. Plantiffs revived the suit 25 Nov. 1807. DEFENDANT'S CASE The Defendant Sir Peter Parker answers denying various allegations, and states that by Indenture of Mortgage 5 July 1765 between Oliver Nugent, Esq., deceased, and Elizabeth his wife on one part and Robert Skerrett, Esq., deceased, of the other, Oliver Nugent and his wife mortgaged to Robert Skerrett their estate of 500 acres, afterwards called Skerretts, for £18,000, repayable with interest at 6 per cent. By an Indenture dated 5 June 1766 Robert Skerrett acknowledged that £6000 of the purchase money was Sir Peter Parker's. The estate was left by Robert Skerrett to his wife Antonetta, charged with the payment of £2000 for her sister Dame Margaret, late widow of Sir P. Parker, by the will of her late father Walter Nugent, Esq., and the £6000 to him, also £500 a year to Antonetta, late widow of Walter Nugent, and £2000 to Eleanor Nugent, another daughter of Walter Nugent. Oliver Nugent, elder brother and heir at law of Antonetta Skerrett, died five or six years ago in North America, and left Robert Nugent his son and heir. Antonetta Skerrett died in 1785 or 1786. Rowland Burton, Esq., now Chief Justice of Antigua, is Defendant's Attorney. Antonetta, widow of Walter Nugent, Esq., died about 1794 or 1795. Owing to a three years' drought, scarcity of provisions, and epidemics, several thousand negroes died in Antigua in a few months. His Honour referred the matter and accounts to Mr. Harvey, a Master of Chancery, to take account of what is due to Defentant on the £6000 and £2000, and in respect of the £500 a year and £2000 Plaintiffs are to pay him, and then the estate is to be reconveyed to them... On 16 June 1821 Skerretts was purchased by Sir Christopher Bethell Codrington of the Deputy Provost Marshal, and was offered for sale in 1847."

Langford Vere Oliver, History of the Island of Antigua (London, Mitchell and Hughes, 1894) Vol. I pp. 170-171
[Number of enslaved people] 352(Tot)  
[Name] None given  

George Ick, attorney registered 264 enslaved people for Sir Christopher Bethell Codrington proprietor and registered a further 88 enslaved people for him as mortgagee-in-possession of Antoinetta Skerrett deceased. In the 1824 Slave Registration a similar pattern of ownership was shown for Clare Hall formerly Skerretts, with George Ick making the earlier registration, and this 1817 entry is thus inferred to relate to the same estate.

T71/245 240-247
[Number of enslaved people] 244(Tot)  
[Name] Skerrets, St John  

George Ick attorney and manager to Sir C. Bethel Codrington Skerret's estate in the division of St John's. Ick registered a further 86 as attorney to Sir C. Bethel Codrington mortgagee-in-possession of Antoinetta Skerrett decd. [pp. 247-250]. NB this Skerrets had been renamed Clare Hall by 1824.

T71/246 241-247
[Number of enslaved people] 343(Tot)  
[Name] Clare Hall, formerly Skerrets  

John James attorney to Sir Christopher Bethell Codrington proprietor. In the sworn declaration James identified the estate as 'called Clare Hall and formerly Skerrett's'. A note also says that the previous registration by G. Ick for Sir Christopher Bethel Codrington had included 244 as proprietor and 86 as mortgagee-in-possession.

T71/248 385-392
[Number of enslaved people] 322(Tot)  
[Name] Clare Hall  

John Osborn attorney to Sir Christopher Bethel Codrington Baronet proprietor of Clare Hall

T71/249 120-126
[Number of enslaved people] 310(Tot)  
[Name] Clare Hall  

Robert Jarritt attorney to Sir Christopher Bethell Codrington bart. The estate is identified as Clare Hall in the affidavit.

T71/250 129-135