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- 1792 [EY] → Mortgage Holder

Culling Smith was shown in an elaborate power of attorney of 07/03/1794 as having held mortgages for £5000 and £6000 over New River and Gingerland until 1792. These mortgages were identified in a separate deed as having been pledged to Culling Smith by Walter Nisbet as additional security for £6500 lent by Culling Smith to Nisbet secured on the latter's Mt Pleasant estate.

1767 [EA] - → Owner
1767 [EA] - → Mortgage Holder

Ann Blomberg's husband William initially lent William Maynard (her father) £5000; Ann Blomberg as a widow later lent further £6000.

1776 [EA] - → Creditor

In indentures of 18 and 19/10/1776, Mills & Swanston were identified as being owed £8608 15s 1d subject to payments since received, and were appointed consignees for the sugar.

1776 [EA] - → Creditor
1776 [EA] - 1788 [LA] → Creditor
1776 [EA] - 1788 [LA] → Creditor
1784 [EA] - 1792 [LA] → Mortgage Holder
1792 [EA] - 1792 [LA] → Mortgage Holder
1792 [EA] - 1792 [LA] → Joint owner
1792 [EA] - 1792 [LA] → Joint owner
1804 [EA] - 1804 [LA] → Not known

The assigns [assignees] of Lane, Son & Fraser where shown as in possession of New River in the will of Walter Maynard the elder made in 1804.

1817 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner
1828 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Other

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£1,954 4S 3D


The website of the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool carries a brief history of the New River estate from 1724 and relates it to the Maynard family of Suffolk in the early 19th century, citing inter alia the 1804 will of Walter Maynard (q.v.), which refers to the plan to have his son, also Walter, repurchase New River. Oliver's History of Antigua states that "Mr John S. Maynard, M.D. Edinburgh, wrote me in 1896 that William Maynard of Nevis married Frances Webbe in 1737, and Webbe's New River Estate is still held by his family." The Maynard family lost control of the estate to mortgagees in the 1790s but does appear to have regained control by the time of the first Slave Register in 1817.


'Documentary evidence on the New River estate' accessed 23/8/2012. The site refers also the Maynard family papers (Suffolk Record Office HA178); Vere Langford Oliver, History of the Island of Antigua (London, Mitchell and Hughes, 1899) vol. 3 p. 457.

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[Name] New River  

A deed of 09/12/1794 gave background to an initial series of mortgages on New River, including: the advance by William Blomberg in 1767 of £5000 and the subsequent loan by his widow Ann Blomberg of £6000 to William Maynard (Ann Blomberg's father); the 18 and 19/10/1776 indentures establishing a schedule of payments between (1) William Maynard (2) John Mills and Sherland Swanston of London, who became consignees of the sugar from the estate and were owed £8608 15s 1d; (3) John and Robert Cooper of Salisbury; and (4) Walter Nisbet, who had married Ann Blomberg nee Maynard. Mills & Swanston was subsequently displaced as consignee and man creditor by Lane, Fraser.

Common Records 1794-1797, British Library, EAP794/1/1/25, pp. 255-287
[Name] New River  

An elaborate power of attorney dated 07/03/1794 from George Lee, George Ewing and Thomas Latham (the assignees of John Lane, Thomas Fraser and Thomas Boylston, trading as Lane, Fraser); Sir William Curtis, James Daniell and John Sowerby (assignees of Alexander Willock); and James, John and Joseph Kirkpatrick bankers of Newport [Isle of Wight] to William Priddie and Thomas Tuckett set out the elaborate web of financial ties between Lane, Fraser and Alexander Willock, and in turn the history of mortgages over the New River and Gingerland estates of the Maynard family on Nevis and over the Convent estate of Hubert Guichard Mercer on St Kitts. Under an agreement of 30/08/1784, Alexander Willock accepted bills of exchange for Lane, Fraser and jointly with the two partners provided bonds for £20,000 and £2000 to secure loans to Lane, Fraser, of £10,000 from Thomas Boylston and £1000 from Hannah Urquhart. Lane, Fraser were owed £8727 6s 1d by Hon. Walter Maynard, Josiah Maynard of Malton Yorkshire and Ann Maynard, secured on New River and Gingerland; those estates were also subject to mortgages held from Culling Smith for £5000 and £6000, which were transferred to the Kirkpatricks under a deed of 29 and 30/06/1792 (while an apparently separate amount of £6500 over New River was repaid by Lane, Fraser to Culling Smith) after the Kirkpatricks had agreed to lend Lane, Fraser £10,000, of which £8000 had been disbursed. Separately, Hubert Guichard Mercer owed Lane, Fraser £11,239 5s 4d secured on Convent estate on St Kitts. The power of attorney appointed Priddie and Tuckett to pursue both sets of debtors on behalf of the assignees and creditors in Britain. Common Records 1794-1797, British Library, EAP794/1/1/25, pp. 217-238.

Common Records 1794-1797, British Library, EAP794/1/1/25, pp. 217-238.
[Number of enslaved people] 108(Tot)  
[Name] New River  

Return of Walter Maynard, owner; includes one enslaved person 'belonging' to the estate of Mrs Scarbrough [Scarborough]

T71/364 81-83
[Number of enslaved people] 109(Tot)  
[Name] New River  

Return of Walter Maynard, owner

T71/365 162-163
[Number of enslaved people] 112(Tot)  
[Name] New River  

Return of Walter Maynard, owner

T71/366 142
[Number of enslaved people] 110(Tot) 60(F) 50(M)  
[Name] New River  

Return of Walter Maynard Esq., owner; returned by James Maynard

T71/367 132-133
[Number of enslaved people] 106(Tot) 59(F) 47(M)  
[Name] [no name given]  

Return of Walter Maynard Esq., owner; returned by James Maynard

T71/368 174
[Number of enslaved people] 106(Tot)  
[Name] New River  

Return of Walter Maynard; returned by James Maynard

T71/369 159