William Dow

23rd May 1794 - ????

Claimant or beneficiary


Lieut. William Dow RN, Antiguan-born fourth son of Archibald Dow and his wife Martha née Byam, unsuccessful counterclaimant for compensation in Antigua. 

  1. His parents Archibald Dow and Martha Byam married in St Philip, Antigua, 05/09/1776. Their five known children are Eliza (married Samuel Wickham Harman 31/03/1803 and buried 15/12/1817), Rebecca (married name MacKenzie, q.v.), Charles (deceased by 1836, q.v.), Grace (deceased by 1836, q.v.) and William. 

  2. William Dow of Park End Road, Blackheath, a Lieutenant in the Navy, lodged a counterclaim for Antigua claim no. 196, but the award was made to James Gilchrist (q.v.), who was also executor of his sister Grace and his father Archibald, although the basis for James Gilchrist's claim in this case is not known. His sister Rebecca Mackenzie also stated in her counterclaim for Antigua claim no. 831 that he was entitled to half the compensation for the enslaved persons left to him by his mother Martha, but there is no record of him in relation to this claim. 

  3. William Dow, born 23/05/1794 in Antigua, fourth son of Archibald Dow, Esq. Entered the Navy 28/07/1806, midshipman 17/12/1808, Lieutenant 17/06/1814. Paid off from the Navy in September 1815, after which he visited the West Indies. He rejoined ship in 1825 and returned to Britain in 1836, 'in consequence of two severe attacks of yellow fever, which deprived him of the use of his limbs.' He married Caroline, third daughter of the late Samuel Enderley [according to Vere Langford Oliver in fact Enderby], Eqr of Croom's Hill, Blackheath, Kent, 18/01/1830 and had five daughters.


T71/877 Antigua claim nos. 196, 820 and 831. 

  1. Record submitted by member of the LDS Church, IGI film number 457909; see separate entry for Rebecca Mackenzie for evidence which ties the whole family together. 

  2. T71/1220; T71/1601 unnumbered bundle, letter from Rebecca Mackenzie. 

  3. William R. O'Byrne, A Naval Biographical Dictionary (London, John Murray, 1849) p. 301. This source gives four daughters, perhaps missing out Mary who died young.

Further Information

Caroline Enderley
Caroline (1830-), Mary (1832-1836), Eliza Jane (1834-), Harriet Anne (1835-), Amelia Enderby (1843-)
Sailor (Royal Navy)

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£91 1s 5d
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£56 16s 8d
Unsuccessful claimant
£144 11s 5d
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Park End Road, Blackheath, Kent, London, England