Thomas Baring

1799 - 1873


Partner in Baring Brothers 1828-1873, counterclaimed unsuccessully with his partners as assignees for the compensation on Spring Garden in British Guiana but the firm intercepted successfully the compensation awarded on the estates of Wolfert Katz, a major debtor of the firm, in British Guiana.

  1. Thomas Baring (1799-1873), son of Sir Thomas Baring (1772-1848) (q.v.) and Mary Sealy, and brother of John Baring (q.v.). Unmarried. Partner in the firm between 1828 and his death in 1873.

  2. MP Great Yarmouth 1835-37; Huntingdon 1844-77. Founding member and initial director of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company and on the original Board of Directors. Declined the Chancellorship of the Exchequer 1852 and 1858. Commissioner of the Great Exhibition. Chairman of Lloyds 1830-68. Director of Bank of England 1848-67. Died 18/11/1873, leaving £1,500,000.


T71/887 British Guiana no. 2282 (Spring Garden); T71/885 British Guiana nos. 21, 89, 270, 272, 363, 378A&B&C, 424 and 479 for the Wolfert Katz awards estates.

  1. The Baring Archive: Baring's directors and Baring genealogy

  2. Rubinstein 1873/6; email from Luke Turner 31/03/2017 sourced to RMSPC Archives, National Maritime Museum, RMS/54/1, Report of the Directors of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, 26th September 1839.

We are grateful to Luke Turner for his assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

Wealth at death
Merchant and banker
Church of England
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Associated Claims (8)

£2,995 5s 5d
Beneficiary (Mortgagee)
£483 3s 3d
Beneficiary (Mortgagee)
£7,306 6s 7d
Beneficiary (Mortgagee)
£17,972 0s 4d
Beneficiary (Mortgagee)
£11,766 10s 1d
Beneficiary (Mortgagee)
£3,421 16s 4d
Unsuccessful claimant (Assignee)
£4,849 14s 7d
Beneficiary (Mortgagee)
£8,297 18s 6d
Beneficiary (Mortgagee)

Legacies Summary

Commercial (3)

Founding member, director
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See Parliamentary Papers vol. 53 , 'Mails conveyance. Return to an Order of the Honorable The House of Commons, dated 7 February 1840;- for, Copy of any Charter granted to any Joint Stock Company...
Bank of England
Baring Brothers
Merchant Banker  
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Political (1)

election →
Great Yarmouth Norfolk
1835 - 1837
election →
Huntingdon Huntingdonshire
1844 - 1877

Relationships (7)

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Nephew → Uncle
Nephew → Uncle
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Addresses (2)

8 Bishopsgate, City of London, London, Middlesex, London, England
Norman Court, Salisbury, Wiltshire, South-west England, England