Richard Steele

???? - 6th Nov 1856

Claimant or beneficiary


Resident merchant and slave-owner on Grenada, partner in John Hoyes & Co. and later an official of the Colonial Bank.

  1. Richard Steele identified as merchant of Grenada in claim against his 'accepting attorney' Robert Ker of Edinburgh. Letters of administration of Richard Steele of Grenada who died 06/11/1856 granted 12/03/1874 to Mitchell Iver of Ross County of Hereford widow, effects under £20. Previous grants Oct 1859 and Apr. 1873.


T71/880 Grenada claim nos. 296 and 300. He was almost certainly the same man as the awardee(s) under Grenada nos. 537 and 646.

  1. London Gazette, Issue 18965, 10/08/1832, p. 1849: National Probate Calendar 1874. On 22 October, 1859, Letters of Administration of his estate, listed as personal effects with a value of less than £50, were granted at the Principal Registry, (presumably of Edinburgh) under certain Limitations, to Isabella Hazlitt, a widow of Alva-Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. Isabella died on Sep 13, 1869 at Tranent in County Haddington, with probate of her estate granted at Haddington on March 18, 1872 to Mrs. Mitchell Shaw, her next of kin, who became Mrs. Archibald Iver.

We are grateful to Ashley Steele for help with this entry.

Associated Claims (2)

£61 18s 5d
£460 19s 9d

Legacies Summary

Commercial (2)

John Hoyes & Co.
West India merchant  
Agent then Manager
Colonial Bank

Relationships (4)

Business partners
Business partners
Business partners
Testator → Executor
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Isabella Hazlitt was granted the administration of the will of Richard Steele in 1859. Steele had been the executor of the will of Isabella Hazlitt's first husband Henry Bridgewater or Bridgwater,...