John Mackie

???? - 1839

Claimant or beneficiary


London merchant, awarded with Hyde Geatrell Williams (q.v.) (both of 110 Fenchurch Street) the compensation for the Farm estate in Manchester as trustees of Charles Booth, and identified by her uncle Henry Bowyer a creditor secured on the one-third of Spring Valley in St Thomas-in-the-East of Jane Mary Cosens (q.v.).

  1. John Mackie 'late of Kennington...and of Fenchurch Street' merchant died at Kennington 29/01/1839. He had been in partnership until 1831 with John Laing.

  2. Will of John Mackie merchant of Kennington Surrey proved 26/02/1839. He instructed his trustees (his partner Hyde Geatrell Williams and his brother William Mackie of the Stock Exchange) to sell his property and to realise his co-partnership, and to invest the proceeds in consols or real property in England and Wales (but not, he said, in Ireland), with half the income for his daughter Flora West Mackie for life (with the principal to her children if any) and the other half to his daughter Ann Simpson Mackie on the same terms. He provided £25 p.a. for the support of his nephew William Lewis Mackie.

  3. Flora West Mackie died in 1840 and Ann Simpson Mackie in 1842, leaving her property to her executrix 'Eliza Laing', according to a summary of the Chancery case of Mackie v Mackie, a consensual case initiated to administer the will of John Mackie. In fact, the executrix was Mary Elizabeth Laing, wife of Rev. David Laing (q.v.): Ann Simpson Mackenzie was according to her will made 16/11/1840 living with the couple at 67 Great Portland Street.


  1. London Gazette 19796 26/11/1839 p. 2431; ibid 19013 15/01/1833 p. 1033.

  2. PROB 11/1907/93.

  3. Mackie v Mackie (1845), in Thomas Hare, Reports of Cases Adjudged in the High Court of Chancery (1847) Vol. 5 pp. 72-4; Will of Ann Simpson Mackie proved 16/08/1842, PROB 11/1967/58.

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£585 1s 7d
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1832 [EA] - 1832 [LA] → Mortgage Holder

In the will of Henry Bowyer Lane made in 1832, John Markie [almost certainly Mackie] was shown as having lent against the one-third of Spring Valley held by Jane Mary Cosens.

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Mackie & Laing
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Kennington, Surrey, London, England