Charles Nicholas Pallmer Massy-Dawson

21st Feb 1813 - 1849

Claimant or beneficiary


Charles Nicholas Pallmer Massy-Dawson, son of James Hewitt Massy-Dawson (q.v.) and Eliza Jane Dennis. Named after his maternal uncle Charles Nicholas Pallmer (q.v.: MP and champion of planters interests.) Co-owner of Prospect Pen and Pembroke Hall estates which he inherited from his mother.

  1. Baptised in St Mary-le-Bone on 23/06/1813 (as Charles Nicholas Palliner Massey Dawson), son of James Hewitt Massy Dawson and Eliza Jane Dennis. Named after his mother's sister's husband, Charles Nicholas Pallmer (q.v.).

  2. He inherited Prospect Plantation from his mother, who had inherited from her own father Francis Dennis at the age of 13.

  3. Co-claimant with his siblings Capt James Massy Dawson (q.v.), Rev. John Massy Dawson (q.v.), Louisa Massy Dawson (q.v.), Isabella P. Massy Dawson (q.v.), Francis Dennis Massey[sic] Dawson (q.v.) and Robert Bolton Massy Dawson (q.v.), his brother-in-law Robert Mont[agu] Poore (q.v.) and his aunt Maria Francis Pallmer (q.v.).


T71/915 St Mary Nos. 336 and 387.

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  2. sourced 30/08/2011.

  3. See separate entries for his relatives.

Further Information

Name in compensation records
Charles Nicholas Palmer Massy Dawson

Associated Claims (2)

£3,601 8s 1d
£4,922 5s 6d

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