Edmund Jordan Eversley

6th Jul 1800 - 10th Oct 1859

Claimant or beneficiary


  1. Edmund Jordan Eversley of the Parish of St Michael [Barbados] married Miss Louisa Applewhaite of St George's by licence, 02/11/1820. A child of theirs, also named Edmund Jordan Eversley, was baptised 06/07/1825 in St Michael.

  2. Edmund Jordan Eversley, late of 15 Raby Place, Bath, died 10/10/1859 at Raby Place. His will was proved 28/11/1859 by Louisa Eversley of the same address, widow and one of the executors. Effects under £800.

  3. Not found in the British censuses so far. However his widow Louisa was living at 42 Park Street, Bath, in the censuses 1861-1881 (born c. 1803 in Barbados) with grandchildren (surname Eversley, also born in Barbados). She died 06/05/1886 at 42 Park Street, effects £428 12s. Her will was proved by William Eversley of 113 St George's Road, Pimlico.

  4. Either: (1) Edmund Jordan Eversley, the son of Edmund (or Edmond) Eversley (1752-1823) and Sarah Lucas (1753-?) of St Michael, Barbados, and brother of William (1777–1834), Nathan Lucas (1779–1833), Benjamin Crofts (1781–?), John Chase (1786–1853) and Mary Ann (1797–?). (q.v. in all cases); or, more probably,
    (2) Edmund Jordan Eversley, the son of William Eversley and Rebecca, baptised 1 January 1801 in St Michael, Barbados.

  5. The Charterhouse Register 1769 -1872 confirms that he was the son of William Eversley of Barbados. He was a soldier in Barbados 1821-1832 and then moved to England where he died in Bath on 10 October 1859. His wife Louisa was the daughter of Edward Applewhaite of Barbados.


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Further Information

Louisa Applewhaite
Wealth at death
Charterhouse [1813-1816 ]

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£221 6s 10d

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1829 [EA] - 1829 [LA] → Attorney

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15 Raby Place, Bathwick Hill, Bath, Somerset, South-west England, England