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Thomas Parker of Camberwell and his wife Sarah claimed apparently unsuccessfully for the compensation for the Burlington estate in Portland, stating that Sarah was the cousin and heir-at-law of James Clayton White, who (they said) had died intestate in 1834. The compensation was paid to the executors of James Clayton White.

There has been no basis to date for connecting Thomas Parker of Camberwell with the 'Thomas Parker of England' who was awarded the compensation Riley's estate in Hanover Jamaica (Hanover no. 220) and who has been identified by LBS as Thomas Parker of Astle (q.v.)..

  1. A Thomas Parker married Sarah White 04/09/1788 at St Mary Lewisham.

  2. Possibly the Thomas Parker of Walworth whose will was proved 29/11/1836. A Memorandum added to the will alluded to the will of his children's grandfather: his sons George Thomas Parker and Henry John Parker had received more than their shares and he expressed his wish that his wife Sarah receive their shares [it is ambiguous whether under his will or their grandfather's].


T71/868 Portland no. 225; T71/ Hanover no. 220.

  1., London, England, Marriages and Banns, 1754-1921 [database online]

  2. PROB 11/1869/259.

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£3,013 1s 6d
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James Clayton White was the cousin of Thomas Parker's wife...
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