William Mackinnon senior

1732 - 1809

Claimant or beneficiary


William Mackinnon, 32nd Chief of Mackinnon and owner of Mackinnon's estate in Antigua. Son of William Mackinnon (d. 1767) and his wife Charity Yeamans. Baptised in Antigua, 16/02/1732. Survived his own son (William Mackinnon 1760-1794). Died at Binfield, Berkshire in 1809. His children and grandchildren were partial beneficiaries of the compensation for Mackinnon's estate.

  1. Will of William Mackinnen [sic] [formerly of Antigua] of Exeter [made in 1795] proved 25/02/1809. He left all his real estate to his wife Louisa. In an undated codicil he charged his estate with £10,000 for his sons and £10,000 daughters, recognising he had made no provision for them if his wife were incapacitated.

  2. William Mackinnon and his sister Elizabeth (1730-1780) were painted by Hogarth in 1747.


T71/877 Antigua claim no. 35 (Mackinnon's).

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Portrait of the Mackinen children, William Hogarth, National Gallery of Ireland, http://onlinecollection.nationalgallery.ie/objects/11120/portrait-of-the-mackinen-children?ctx=d8a2bf2e-d586-4ac5-b53c-67cd5144b961&idx=10 [accessed 14/02/2018].

Further Information

Louisa Vernon
Harriet, Daniel, George, Henry, Louisa, Francis, Elizabeth, William

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£3,942 2s 1d
Beneficiary deceased

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- 1809 [EY] → Owner

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Portrait of the Mackinen children, William Hogarth, National Gallery of Ireland, <a... 

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Binfield, Berkshire, Central England, England