Sir Arthur Leary Pigott or Piggott

19th Oct 1749 - 6th Sep 1819


Sir Arthur Leary Pigott, lawyer and politician, born in Barbados, eldest son of John Piggott (d. 1776) and his wife Jane, attorney-general for Grenada 1780 and then a lawyer and politician in England, among the early purchasers of land in Tobago, as was John Piggott (q.v.).

  1. Arthur Leary Pigott was the original purchaser on 05/05/1771 of Barbados Bay division (St George parish) Lots 43 and 44, which became part of Runnemede or Runnymede, and which he still held c. 1773. He was also the original purchaser on 19/04/1768 of Northeast division (St John parish) Lots nos. 21 and 22 which (together with nos. 23 and 24, bought by James Macintosh) were consolidated by 1773 in the hands of Gilbert Petrie and formed the Englishmans Bay estate. By 1773 he was shown as the Present Proprietor not only of Runnemede but of Rockly Bay (St Andrew) Lots no. 9 (originally purchased by John Dumaresq, and which became an Appen[dage] to Carnbee) and nos. 21 and 24 (originally bought by Geo. Glover, and which became the Hampden estate).

  2. In 1775 Arthut Piggott of Tobago was recorded as selling an indigo plantation in Rockley Bay of 92 acres and 37 enslaved people to Nathaniel Steward for 5s.

  3. He has an entry in the ODNB as lawyer and politician.


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Further Information

Jane Dunnington
At least one daughter
Lawyer and politician
Oxford DNB Entry

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19/05/1767 [SD] - → Joint owner
19/04/1768 [SD] - → Joint owner
1773 [SY] - 1773 [EY] → Owner
05/05/1771 [SD] - → Owner

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Political (1)

Whig / West India interest 
election →
Steyning Sussex
election →
Arundel Sussex
1806 - 1812
election →
Horsham Sussex (West)
1812 - 1818
election →
Arundel Sussex
1818 - 1819

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Gower Street, London, Middlesex, London, England