Thomas Rainy

???? - 1811


Slave-owner in Dominicia, founder of the Borgue Academy, which he endowed with £2400 c. 1802. Possibly the father of William Thomas Rainy (q.v.) and also conceivably the 'Thos. Rainey' who was the original grantee in Tobago 19/04/1768 for Courland Bay division (St David parish) Lot No. 26 (100 acres) which became Mount Grace estate.

  1. Will of Thomas Rainy Island of Dominica [made before 1811 with a codicil of 1811] proved 28/11/1822. The will specified legacies of £1500 currency to his natural son William, £750 currency each to his reputed sons David and John, £1200 currency to his reputed daughter and the remainder of his estate to James Woodbridge of Richmond Surrey to be distributed among his relations in Great Britain in such manner as he thought fit. A 'Memorandum' specified that a 'mulatto woman' Grace Sword [sp?] be manumitted after Rainy's death and given a legacy of £750 currency. A codicil of 01/01/1811 made a number of further specific bequests, manumissions and legacies of and to individual enslaved people.


Great Britain Board of Agriculture, Agricultural Surveys: Galloway (1810) p. 349.

  1. PROB 11/1664/194

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Testator → Executor
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Although the executor appointed in the will of Thomas Rainy (who died c. 1811) was conceivably James Woodbridge I (d. 1805), the will was proved in London by James Woodbridge II in 1822....
Executor → Testator
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John Ross of Dominica appointed Thomas Rainey of Dominica in his will proved in...