James Woodbridge II

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London merchant, son of James Woodbridge I and executor proving the will of Thomas Rainy (q.v.) in London in 1822. Father of Edward Collins Woodbridge and Frederick Woodbridge (each of whom q.v.). No death-date or will has yet been found for him, but he was deceased by the time his sister Louisa Woodbridge of Barnwood House Gloucestershire made her will [proved 12/02/1840] in 1839. Some confusion appears in genealogical sources, which show James Woodbridge I as the father of Edward Collins Woodbridge and Frederick Woodbridge, perhaps arising from the fact that the 'present' wife of James Woodbridge I and the mother of Edward Collins and Frederick Woodbridge were both called Dorothy. Nevertheless, the will of James Woodbridge I d. 1805 is clear in specifying his son as James and Edward Collins Woodbridge and Frederick Woodbridge as his grandchildren.


PROB 11/1923/295.

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James Collins; Edward Collins; Frederick

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1811 [EA] - 1823 [LA] → Assignee

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Although the executor appointed in the will of Thomas Rainy (who died c. 1811) was conceivably James Woodbridge I (d. 1805), the will was proved in London by James Woodbridge II in 1822....
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