Thomas Hercey Barritt

???? - 1817


Thomas Hercey Barritt of Marylebone, London, widower, placed banns for his marriage to Ann Mellas of Marylebone, spinster, aged over 21, in St Giles in the Fields, Marylebone, 22/03/1776. They had four children baptised in Marylebone: Eleanor (1798), Louisa Ann (1799), Thomas Hercey (1802) and Harriet (1803). A memorial inscription in Ewell church gives the death of Thomas Hercey Barritt junior as 03/02/1804, age 18 months and 3 days, and the death of Louisa Ann Barritt as 16/02/1812 age 12 years as well as the death of T. H. Barritt Esquire as 28/10/1817 age 79 years.

Thomas Hercey Barritt Esquire of Ewell, Surrey, was buried at Ewell St Mary, 05/11/1817 age 77. The will of Thomas Hercey Barritt of Ewell, Surrey, was proved in London 03/03/1818.

Possibly the Thomas Barritt, son of James Barrett Esquire and Mary, his wife, who was baptised in St Thomas-in-the-East, Jamaica, 29/01/1733 age 1 month and 1 day. This would give his age at death as 84. In his will, Thomas Hercey Barritt mentions his sisters Susanna and Elizabeth Mary. There were two daughters baptised in St Thomas-in-the-East to James Barrett and Mary in 1730 and 1731, Mary and Ann. James Barrett, son of Hersey Barrett and Mary, was baptised in St Catherine 04/02/1690.

Thomas Hercey Barritt/Barrett was a Member of Council in Jamaica in 1776 and 1782 and a magistrate in St Thomas-in-the-East and St David in 1784. In his will he left £10,000 to each of his wife and two daughters, and gave legacies of £3000 currency to two "quadroon" and "mustee" girls: Sarah Garbrand Barritt (born 1785 and baptised in Vere that same year) and Susanna Barritt [not further identified]; he left £500 currency and £50 p.a. to Elizabeth Grant Barritt (baptised in Vere in 1783) to 21 or marriage, and £200 currency p.a. to Frances Barritt (baptised in Vere in 1786, daughter of Susanna Cassup): probably all were his his natural children. He left his son George Booth Barritt an annuity of £400 p.a. His contingent residuary heir (after his two daughters) was his nephew Rev. Robert Kennion [given as Kenyon] Milner.

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PROB 11/1602/31., Jamaica Church of England Parish Register Transcripts, 1664-1880 [database online].

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Further Information

(1) Eleanor Booth (2) Ann Mellas
With (1) George Booth Barritt (1768-). With (2) Eleanor (1798-), Louisa Ann (1799-1812), Thomas Hercey (1802-1804), Harriet (1803-)

PROB 11/1602/31 - precis.

Thomas Hercey Barritt of Ewell in Surrey Esquire.

First I confirm the settlement made by me on my marriage with my dear wife Ann Barritt and I do hereby declare that the provision made for her by this my will is intended to be over and above what is thereby secured to her.

To my wife, £10,000 sterling to be paid to her immediately after my decease. Also all the carriges, horses of every description, farming stock, implements and utensils of husbandry, all the wines and liquors, the household goods and furniture, pictures, prints, jewels, linen and china which may be at my mansion house at Ewell for her sole use and benefit and at her absolute disposal. Also all my freehold and copyhold property at Ewell or elsewhere for her use for her natural life.

After her decease, all my freehold and copyhold messuages, lands and heriditaments in Ewell to my friends Henry Wildman of Fen Court, London, Esquire and his son Thomas Wildman of the same place Esquire for the several trusts hereinafter mentioned. Upon trust for my two daughters Eleanor Barritt and Harriet Barritt equally as tenants in common and for their heirs and assigns forever, to be conveyed to them respectively at age 21 years. In default of such to my nephew Rev. Robert Kenyon Milner, son of my sister Susanna Milner. The rents and profits of these trusts to pay towards their maintenance and education in the meantime or invest and accumulate for their benefit respectively in the same manner as is hereinafter directed as to my plantations and estates in Jamaica.

My house in Manchester Square and all other leashold estates in England to my wife, Henry Wildman and Thomas Wildman upon trust to permit my wife to hold and enjoy the same and to receive the rents and profits for her life. After her decease, the same upon trust for the same rents and purposes as for my said freehold and copyhold estates in Surrey.

To my son George Booth Barritt, £400 sterling per annum for life.

To each of my daughters Eleanor Barritt and Harriett Barritt £10,000 sterling at age 21 or marriage (if sooner and with the consent of my wife, Henry and Thomas Wildman).

To my neice Sarah Butt, wife of Walter Butt of Kingston, Jamaica, attorney at law, daughter of my late sister Elizabeth Mary Harriott deceased, £60 Jamaican currency per annum for life.

To Sarah Garbrand Barritt, a free mustee girl, the daughter of Mary Elizabeth Johnson, a free quadroon woman, deceased, and to Susanna Barritt, a free mustee girl, one of the daughters of my slave Susanna Cassup, a quadroon woman, £3,000 Jamaica currency each. To Elizabeth Grant Barritt, a mulatto girl, a daughter of a negro woman and slave named Frances Barritt, £500 Jamaican currency at age 21 or marriage. My Jamaican trustees to pay £50 Jamaican currency each year for the maintenance and education of the said Elizabeth Grant Barritt until age 21 or marriage.

To my trustees Henry Wildman and Thomas Wildman £200 Jamaican currency per annum free from all deductions during the life of Frances Barritt, a free mustee girl and another daughter of the said Susanna Cassu[p].

I charge my plantation called Paradise in Vere with the payment of the said annual sum of £400 given to my said son. I charge the same and all my other plantations, lands and slaves in Jamaica with the payment of all other annuities and legacies hereinbefore given by my will.

All my estates and property in Jamaica to my wife, Henry Wildman and Thomas Wildman upon several trusts for the purposes herinafter declared. To take all the rents and profits and after payment of all debts, legacies, annuities and all such bills and charges as shall be incurred, to apply these for the maintenance, education and advancement of my daughters or their issue or other persons respectively. The remaining profits to be invested and placed in the purchase of any freehold or copyhold manors, lands and heriditaments in England upon the same trusts and for the same purposes as hereintobefore listed. All my real estates in Jamaica in trust for my daughters as tenants in common, to be conveyed to them at age 21. In default to my nephew Robert Kenyon Milner.

All residue and remainder of my personal estate in England or elsewhere to my wife, Henry Wildman and Thomas Wildman in trust for my two daughters share and share alike at age 21 or marriage. Should either marry without the consent of trustees, then their share to be invested upon trust in Government or real securities and to pay the dividends and interest to my said daughter for her separate use and after her death to her lawful issue.

I hereby earnestly request that the respective husbands of my said daughters if they shall happen to marry and their children will take and use the name of Barritt in addition to their own name and that they will apply for and obtain proper authority for that purpose.

Ann Barritt, Henry Wildman and Thomas Wildman to be guardians and executors.

Signed 03/09/1814.

Proved in London 03/03/1818 by Ann Barritt and Thomas Wildman, the surviving executors.

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£4,608 5s 10d
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The estate was shown against his name in the 1819 JA but he is known to have died in 1817.

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Registered to Thomas H. Barrett.

1823 [EA] - 1831 [LA] → Previous owner

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Country house
Garbrand Hall, Ewell, Surrey [Purchased] 
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Country house, purchased by Thomas Hercey Barritt in 1795 and renamed Garbrand Hall, apparently after his Jamaica estate. Barritt extended and modified the house and gardens, and built the Dog Gate,...

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Uncle → Nephew
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Garbrand Hall, Ewell, Surrey, London, England
Manchester Square, London, Middlesex, London, England