Mary Harriot Chandler

1794 - 1818


Daughter of Rev. Dr. George Chandler ne Gascoyne and his wife Harriot. Inherited a 1/4 share in Seven Plantations in Clarendon, Jamaica, on the death of her father in 1809. She was a minor when she married William Cotton in Marylebone, 29/06/1814. She was buried in Marylebone, 23/07/1818 age 24. It's not clear if William and Mary Harriet had any children; a Mrs Mary Cotton is a successful claimant for 1/8 of the compensation for Seven Plantations but her relationship has not been established.


T71/859 Clarendon claim no. 410A B & C (Seven Plantations). PROB 11/1495/321., London, England, Marriages and Banns, 1754-1921 [database online]., London, England, Deaths and Burials, 1813-1980 [database online].

Further Information

William Cotton

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1809 [SY] - 1818 [EY] → Tenant-in-common

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Charles was married to Mary Harriet's first cousin Sarah...
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George was Mary Harriet's great-uncle. His sister Sarah Gascoyne nee Chandler was Mary Harriet's...
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Sarah's husband George Chandler was Mary Harriet's...
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