Thomas Kaylet senior

???? - 1794


The heirs of Thomas Kaylett [sic] claimed for the compensation for the enslaved people on Maverly in St Andrew, Jamaica: the compensation was paid to George Joad (q.v), who had it appears lent money (secured on 45 - or one-fifth - of the enslaved people on Maverly and on the compensation money itself) to one of the heirs of Thomas Kaylet, his daughter Jane, who had married the London shipping merchant John Charles White 27/10/1814 at St Marylebone.

  1. Administration of the will of Thomas Kaylet of the parish of St Andrew in the said island [Jamaica] was granted 19/04/1822 to Ann Zimmer and Eliza Mitchell the daughters and residuary legatees named in the will, Thomas Kaylet [the son] and John Davidson 'dying without taking upon them...the probate and execution of the will.' The will had originally been made 10/04/1792. In a codicil dated 24/10/1794 he added a legacy to his daughter Jane of £5000 current money of Jamaica.

Sources, London, England Marriages and Banns, 1754-1921 [database online]; the entry shows Jane as a minor, marrying with the consent of her mother and lawful guardian, Elizabeth Dewdney formerly Kaylet.

  1. PROB 11/1656/153.

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£4,081 0s 11d
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