Thomas Kaylett or Kaylet junior

???? - 1805


Only son and residuary legatee of Thomas Kaylett senior (q.v.).

Further Information


Thomas Kaylett of the parish of St Andrew, Jamaica, Esquire.

To Sophia Jackson of Great Britain, an annuity of £100 p.a.

To Elizabeth Ford of Kingston, Jamaca, "a free brown woman", £2000 Jamaican currency "as a reward for her care and attention to me upon many occasions".

All residue to be sold and invested in securities, the interest paid annually to "my dearly beloved friend and sister the wife of James Napper of Hampstead, Great Britain, a practioner in physic and surgery".

Executors John Elmslie of the City of London and William Stirling of Kingston.

Signed 18/11/1800.

Proved 02/05/1807 by Mary Napper.

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1795 [SY] - 1805 [EY] → Trust beneficiary

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