Godschall Johnson I

1745 - 16th Jun 1800


London financier, associate of John Julius Angerstein (q.v.), husband (as his second wife) of Mary Johnson (q.v.). His first wife was Elizabeth Hodges, daughter of Anthony Hodges II (q.v.) of Bolney Court. Godschall Johnson I's mother Elizabeth Anne nee Warner had inherited a share in Folly and Savannah from her father Col. Edward Warner: she married John Johnson of Blackheath.

  1. Will of Godschall Johnson of Putney Hill Surrey proved 25/06/1800. In the will he secured for his (second) wife Mary Johnson [nee Francis, daughter of Sir Philip Francis] an annuity of £800 p.a., made up of her entitlement under their marriage settlement of £600 p.a, and the interest on £3000, plus whatever additional sum was required from his estates in Antigua. He left a further £200 p.a. for his son Godschall Johnson II until 21, and then provided for Godschall Johnson II to take one moiety of the income after his wife's annuity £600 p.a. (subject to a minimum of £600 p.a. to Godschall Johnson II). He left £100 p.a. each for the support of his five younger children from the remaining moiety, and then at 21 or at marriage £10,000 each to his four daughters and younger son Ralph Boteler Johnson, with the proviso of £100 p.a. each if there were not sufficient funds for the legacy of £10,000 each. The residuary heir after providing for his other children was his oldest son Godschall Johnson (q.v. under Godschall Johnson II).

  2. Godshall Johnson lived at Lower Park, Putney Hill, from 1793-1800.

  3. An appointment of another trustee of his marriage settlement following the death of Angerstein in 1823 rehearses terms of the marriage settlement and gives Johnson's date of death as 16/06/1800.


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We are grateful to Stephen Shields for his assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

(1) Elizabeth Hodges (2) Mary Francis
With (1) Godschall Johnson II; Ralph Boteler Johnson; Elizabeth Jane; Emily; Mary Elizabeth; Catharine

Associated Estates (3)

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1780 [EA] - 1800 [EY] → Owner
1767 [EA] - 1780 [LA] → Joint owner
- 1834 [LA] → Not known

The background to Godschall Johnson's association with Nantons is still being investigated, but he appears to have been a creditor of the estate when it was owned by the Young family. His estate was shown as owner from 1832 onwards.

Relationships (11)

Beneficiary of Trust → Trustee
Notes →
Angerstein's trusteeship was of Godschall Johnson's marriage settlement of...
Son-in-law → Father-in-law
Notes →
Anthony Hodges' daughter Elizabeth (c. 1756-1788) married Godschall Johnson I. In addition, Anthony Hodges II's brother Jeremiah married Sarah Johnson [c. 1743-1823], the sister of Godschall Johnson....
Notes →
Jeremiah Hodges married Godschall Johnson I's sister Sarah (c. 1743-1823). Godschall Johnson I was also Jeremiah Hodge's nephew by marriage, having married Hodge's niece Elizabeth Hodges (c....
Deceased Husband → Widow
Father → Son
Father-in-law → Son-in-law
Uncle → Nephew
Son → Father
Father → Son
Grandson → Grandfather

Addresses (1)

Lower Park, Putney Hill, Putney, Surrey, South-east England, England