Andrew Reddie

2nd Nov 1771 - 15th Feb 1820


Attorney to the assignees of Messrs. Mure on Caldwell and Saxham estates in Hanover, Jamaica, in 1817.

  1. Owner of Redbrook estate in Hanover which he conveyed to Elizabeth Baldie, a free woman of colour, at some point before 1815. After the death of Elizabeth Baldie the estate was to bequeathed by her to her seven children with Andrew Reddie, who were also his residuary legatees: Margaret, Anna, George, Elizabeth, Catherine, Isabella and Mary. Andrew Reddie died at some point between 1817 and 1820.

  2. Margaret Reddie, Anna Reddie, George Reddie and Elizabeth Reddie were bapitsed in Hanover 30/11/1808. Their mother may be the Elizabeth (with no surname given) baptised on the same day, the preceeding entry. Catharine and Isabella Reddie, "quadroons", baptised in Hanover 11/09/1811. Mary Reddie, daughter of Andrew Reddie Esquire by Elizabeth Baldie, was baptised in Hanover 20/02/1816.

  3. Andrew Reddie bequeathed his house in Gayfield Square, Edinburgh, to his mother M. Reddie, "in which she now resides". Mrs Reddie was listed at 19 Gayfield Square in the Edinburgh PO Directory of 1815/16.

  4. Also named in the will is his brother James Reddie of Glasgow, advocate. This was James Reddie (1775-1852) who appears in the ODNB as a jurist. James had a brother named Andrew, born 02/11/1771 and baptised 03/11/1771 in Dysart, Fife, the son of John Reddy [sic], merchant, and his wife May nee Burd.

  5. The will mentions his eldest child Margaret has married and that her marriage she received "sundry slaves amounts to the value of £400" [Jamaican currency]. Margaret Reddie married J. N. Dawes [or possible Daives] in Hanover 04/02/1814.

  6. A memorial inscription in St Mary's Lucea states, 'A Reddie Esquire, born November 2, 1771, died February 15, 1820.'


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Further Information

[With Elizabeth Baldie] Margaret, Anna, George, Elizabeth, Catherine, Isabella, Mary

PROB 11/1667/157 - precis.

Andrew Reddie of Hanover, Jamaica, Gentleman.

To my dear mother M. Reddie of the city of Edinburgh a certain house in Gayfield Square, in Edinburgh in which she now resides.

To Elizabeth Baldie of Hanover, a free woman of colour, all my household furniture, place, table and bed linen and wearing apparel and also £100 Jamaican currency to be paid as soon as possible after my decease. Whereas I have granted to her conveyances of a settlement named Redbrook in Hanover, of sundry slaves I hereby confirm the same in the fullest manner in the perfect confidence that she will bequeath the same to her children.

To my children Margaret, Anna, George, Elizabeth, Catherine, Isabella and Mary, free persons of colour and son and daughters of the said Elizabeth Baldie, all residue and remainder of my property real and personal share and share alike under the following regulations and restrictions.

I have already given to my daughter Margaret at her marriage sundry slaves amounts to the value of £400 Jamaican currency. This gift to be considered as part of her share of my property.

All rest and remainder, except a certain house and premises in the Bay of St Lucea in Hanover named Gibraltar and two negroe slaves named Valentine and Bob, to be converted as soon as possible into money and after ascertaining the proportion of each child that any residual amount coming to my daughter Margaret to be immediately paid to her. The reaminder to be remitted to my brother James Reddie of Glasgow, advocate, to be placed by him at interest. Each of my remaining children to receive his or her share at age 21 years or marriage with the interest thereon.

The house and premises named Gibraltar to be rented and the said slaves named Valentine and Bob may be hired; the amount of such rent and hire to be annually paid to Elizabeth Baldie to be applied for the maintenance and education of my children aforesaid while they are under 21 years until the youngest shall reach that age. Thereafter Gibraltar to be sold and the amount divided among my seven children share and share alike. The said Negro slaves named Valentine and Bob to my son george.

James Reddie aforesaid, Alexander Campbell, practitioner in physic, and William Grant Esquire, both of Hanover, to be executors.

Signed 17/06/1815.

Sworn by witnesses in Jamaica 28/03/1820.

Proved in London 21/02/1823.

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1817 [EA] - → Attorney
1817 [EA] - → Attorney
1817 [EA] - → Attorney
1817 [EA] - → Attorney

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