Samuel Eliot of Eling

???? - 1834


Son and main heir of Alice Eliot (q.v.). Although apparently an owner of slave-property in Antigua at the time of his death in 1834, he has not yet been traced in the compensation records. The family estate named Eliots and the enslaved people attached to it appear to have been sold around the time Alice Eliot made her will (proved in 1828).

  1. Will of Samuel Eliot of Eling Hampshire proved 13/12/1834. In the will (made 16/09/1834), he left monetary legacies to family members including his sister Elizabeth Lady Despencer and to his 'old and very faithful housekeeper Mrs Perkins', while he left 'all such estate and estates and slaves as I am possessed of or entitled to on the island of Antigua' to 'my beloved [brother] Freeman Willis Eliot', together with the Eling estate in Hampshire and his leasehold interest in a house at 37 Weymouth St. The will of Freeman Willis Eliot in turn was proved in 1840, specifying in a codicil dated 1834 the bequest of Eling Grove and the Weymouth St. lease (which had come to him under his brother's will) to his wife Margaret, but making no explicit mention of property in Antigua.


  1. PROB 11/1840/9.

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Uncle → Nephew

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Eling, Hampshire, Wessex, England