Andrew White junior

1787 - 11th Mar 1830


  1. Andrew White, son of Andrew White senior and his wife Mary nee Calame, baptised in St Elizabeth, 17/02/1792, the same day as his sister Eliza Sarah.

  2. Andrew White, Jamaica, qualified MD Edinburgh in 1811. Dr White who had been 'bred a physician' and 'took charge of his father's estate, Oxford...' and was a cousin of Augustus Hardin Beaumont (q.v.). Andrew White, MD, of Liverpool, married Ann, fourth daughter of the late Henry Cardwell of Mottram in Longdendale, Cheshire, 23/7/1811. (This looks very like Andrew junior, whose MD had been conferred a month earlier and who was probably preparing to depart for Jamaica.) Mrs Ann White was buried at Evergreen, 20/02/1813, aged 20. The early death of Mrs Ann White suggests that all of Andrew White's children were illegitimate. Andrew White, MD, son of the late Andrew White, Esq. of Oxford, Jamaica, died 11/03/1830.

  3. Under the will of his father, proved in 1820, Oxford and Evergreen and the enslaved people on them and their increase were to go to Andrew White junior, subject to annuities to his beloved wife Mary White of Liverpool of £400 p.a. and to his daughters Catherine [later in the will given as Susannah Catharine] Bentejal [sp?] and Mary Ann Dunlevy of £200 p.a. each and to Andrew White junior himself of £200 p.a. until his [the testator's] debts were repaid. After that, the annuities were to cease and Mary White was to receive half the income from the two estates for life in lieu of dower; Susannah Catharine Bonjal [?], Mary Ann Dunlevy and third daughter Eliza Sarah Vose were to receive £5000 each, although the legacy to Eliza Sarah Vose was to be reduced to £500 if she did not free Mary Cartwright and her children, Lavinia Cartwright 'born in Liverpool' and six others, and increased by £500 if she did. Mary Cartwright and her children Henry, Jane, William, Catharine, John and James Dunlevy White were to be paid £30 Jamaica currency each per year for life from the proceeds of Oxford estate and Ever Green pen. Lavinia Cartwright was to recieve £10 Jamaica currency per year for life. After the death of Mary Cartwright, the enslaved people named Pompey and Betty, now in her possession, were to go to Henry, Jane, William, Catharine, John and James Dunlevy White. The taxes and clothing of these two enslaved people to be paid by Oxford Estate and Ever Green Pen.

  4. On 30/01/1836 an order was made in the Chancery suit of White v Robertson that the amount of £280 previously paid for the support of James White, William Gillespie White, Edmund Francis Green White, George White and Augustus White, the children of Andrew White the younger, be discontinued and they be allowed the sum of £150 for their future maintenance. [Presumably these are annual amounts, though not so described in the source report.] Augustus (age 6 months) and George (age 4 years), "quadroon" children of Andrew White of Oxford estate and Ann Powell ("not married"), baptised in St Elizabeth, 09/11/1828.

  5. The name of William Gillespie White hints at the possibility that Andrew White senior was a son of the marriage of Gellispick White and Ann Delap (see the will of her brother Alexander Dellap (q.v.). Entries in the diary of Samuel Watt (q.v.) suggest that the Whites had roots in Donegal.

  6. Andrew White MD died in Jamaica, 11/03/1830 age 43.


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